Free Racing? Sign Me Up!

Do you have an interested in racing for free at the first Trophy Cup race?
Protect the roads you train and ride on. To kick off the first race of the Portland Trophy Cup series, The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) will be on-hand to answer any questions you might have about the work they’re doing to make bicycling safe and accessible for all. For over 25 years, they have successfully advocated for bicyclists, helping make the Portland metro region one of the best areas in the country to ride a bicycle. As a result, our roads are safer for everyone, from people who walk to people who drive. They are committed to promoting bicycling in all its forms—commuting to work; running errands; family-friendly rides; and even bike racing.

So how do I race for free?
Sign up for a BTA membership (discounted to $35 for the night) and receive free race entry. A membership directly supports the work of the BTA and gets you discounts at more than 80 bike shops, restaurants and other bike-friendly businesses.

Are you a lapsed member? Sign up for a sustaining (monthly) membership and receive free entry into the race plus access to member’s-only Chinook Book discounts.

About the BTA
The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is 4,000-member strong, non-profit organization, working to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon. Since 1990, the BTA has worked in partnership with citizens, businesses, community groups, government agencies, and elected officials to create communities where people can meet their daily transportation needs on a bike.

Clinics, Wheels, Pits, Season Passes, Kick Off Party!

Each week Portland Trophy Cup will feature a cyclocross clinic presented by Portland Bicycle Studio. Clinic skills will build each week and be specific to the challenges of that week’s course.

Clinics will be held each Tuesday (September 6th-October 4th) from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Both Category 5 Women and Category 5 Men will be finished with the clinic in time for their race start.

Skills to be taught:
– Preparing for your race
– Starts and clipping in
– Cornering
– Dismounting and Remounting
– Barriers and lifting/carrying your bike
– Run-ups
– Navigating traffic
– Equipment setup

Registration is located at the motocross tower in the center of the course. Cost for clinic is $10 and will be available day of in person.

New for this season is a full pit with neutral wheel service provided by Knight Composites. Flat tire? They’ve got you covered. Gone are the excuses! There will also be demo wheels available for use for race night as well, check in when you get to the races and they’ll get you set up. I’m pretty stoked to have these options this year and hope that you all are into it too.

Season passes are live! Register now, the first 100 racers who register will receive a cycling cap designed by The Athletic, race entry to all five races and a sticker pack from our sponsors. Best part of all is no need to stand in line when you get to the races, just hop in and get to racing.

Are you excited about our kick-off party? Pick up your number, grab a drink and some snacks and start running your mouth about how much you’ve been training this year. Or start making excuses for why you’re just taking it easy this year. It’s cool. Stop by and say hi, we’ll still be happy to see you.


What's new, what's more, what's the same?

This season we're looking for quality, not quantity. We're racing five races instead of six, lining you up nicely for the first race of that big series we have here in town. Cross Crusade I think?

First race is September 6 and we'll be racing every Tuesday through October 4.

For those of you who are more interested in the food and drink options we have Gigantic back pouring beers and quite possibly the best pizza in town being made fresh. Tastebud will have their mobile wood-fired pizza rig fired up refilling us all after our races. Why not bring the family out to watch you riding around in goofy clothes? You could show them what you're wasting their future tuition dollars on.

How about a party to kick things off? Elevator Cafe & Commons will be hosting us on September 2 (The official kick-off of cyclocross) from 5pm to 8pm. They're located at 1033 SE Main (at 11th) and they'll be sponsoring the races as well, making sure that you can get up Wednesday to get to work.

As always we need to thank our sponsors for making everything possible. I'm going to list them now and we'll be bringing you more info about them throughout the series:
The Athletic
Portland Bicycle Studio
Elevator Cafe & Commons
Portland Design Works
Gigantic Brewing Company

What's the best thing about Portland Trophy Cup? Photos of you! The best and brightest photographers in the semi-pro ranks will be out in force making you look good.

Small schedule changes coming, the big change being the women's fields all racing together. Here's what it looks like now:
5:30pm -20 minutes
Junior Men
Junior Women    
5:55pm - 35 minutes
Men 3/4 35+
Men 2/3    35+
6:35pm - 35 minutes    
Beginner Men
Men 2/3
Men 3/4
7:15pm - 40 minutes
Women P/1/2
Women 2/3
Women 3/4
Beginner Women

8:00pm - 45 minutes
Men P/1/2
Men 1/2 35+
Single Speed

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